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Brain Injury During Childbirth | Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Indianapolis

The birth of your child is undoubtedly one of the most moving and important moments in your life. Every parent hopes that when it comes time for their child to be born, they will receive the best medical care available for themselves and for their child.

Unfortunately, not every family experiences such care before, during, and after the birth of their child. Medical mistakes at any stage in a pregnancy can result in serious birth injuries, including severe damage to the child’s brain and / or spinal cord. While not all brain and spine injuries are the result of a doctor’s error, many injuries can be traced back to negligence on the part of a medical professional.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

If your child has needlessly suffered a brain or spinal cord injury before, during, or after his or her birth, you deserve compensation for your child’s pain and suffering, as well as the emotional trauma inflicted on your family.

The Indianapolis brain / spinal damage lawyers of Hankey Marks & Crider have considerable experience working with the victims of birth injuries and their families. We can help you work through this process as quickly as possible so that your family can receive the compensation you need.

Compassionate Legal Assistance

Dealing with birth injuries is an incredibly emotional experience, especially if they have been caused by the negligent actions of a medical professional. Not only do you need a lawyer working with you who has experience dealing with birth injuries, but you also need someone who cares about your family’s well-being and who will treat you with the care you need during this difficult time.

The Indianapolis brain / spinal damage lawyers of Hankey Marks & Crider care deeply about the well-being of our clients. If your child has suffered a brain or spinal cord injury, we will treat you with understanding and compassion and will do everything possible to handle your legal matters for you so that you can be with your family during this difficult experience.

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