Indianapolis Improper Treatment Attorneys

We all find ourselves at the hospital or doctor’s office at some point, whether for a recurring condition, an illness, or an injury. We need the advice and care that only a trained medical professional can provide. We should feel confident that a doctor’s recommendation is the proper course of treatment; unfortunately, sometimes we find out too late that it isn’t. Many people hesitate to get a second opinion because of expense, so there’s really no way of knowing until after the fact when the condition that needed treatment has already taken its toll.

Improper treatment can be devastating to a patient, especially when they have a serious injury or condition. If you or a loved one has suffered due to a doctor’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation in court. Hankey Marks & Crider can help you recover money for the hardships you’ve suffered. We’re committed to defending our neighbors in Indianapolis from abuses of all kinds, and we have years of experience working with medical malpractice cases. Call our team of attorneys today at (317) 634-8565 so that we can talk with you about your case, or chat live with a representative on our website.

Do I Need an Improper Treatment Lawyer?

If you’ve never been involved in a lawsuit before, the legal process may seem daunting, and you might be unsure about hiring a lawyer or filing a suit at all. There’s no reason to be afraid, though. Our attorneys are here to guide you through the legal process, handle all the paperwork, and fight your case to the end. Attorneys know what compensation you’re entitled to — whether for medical bills, lost time at work, lasting disabilities, or just the emotional toll of malpractice. Plaintiffs who hire attorneys tend to receive much higher payouts than those who don’t. And of course, if you’ve been the victim of medical malpractice — directly or indirectly — you shouldn’t have to worry about anything but getting well.

Additionally, the complexity of improper treatment cases makes them best left to a legal professional. Three things must be proven in almost any medical malpractice case: 1) the victim was a patient of the doctor, 2) the doctor was actively giving them medical advice, and 3) the doctor was negligent in the treatment they provided, which caused harm to the victim. The third of these things is often the hardest to prove, but an attorney is comfortable with how it can be done and will ensure you get the restitution you deserve.

Why Choose Hankey Marks & Crider to Handle My Case?

We understand that you have choices when looking for a lawyer, but for improper treatment cases or other types of medical malpractice, Hankey Marks & Crider is the right choice. Our team has over 75 years of combined experience working in personal injury law, and we have defended countless clients in court. Charles D. Hankey, our founder, has personally represented over 10,000 people and has been voted one of the best attorneys in the state of Indiana. We know the strategies that work and the strategies that don’t, and we want to win you all the money you’re entitled to.

At Hankey Marks & Crider, we take pride in defending the residents of Indianapolis from opportunistic and negligent actors of all kinds, including doctors that fail to provide adequate care. We want all Hoosiers to feel safe when they go to the doctor’s office or the hospital. Rest assured that we’ll fight your case with diligence and professionalism, always handling it with a personal touch.

Types of Cases We Handle

Improper treatment can take many forms, and the consequences of even the same type of improper treatment can be vastly different. For that reason, it’s important to consult with a legal professional for any malpractice case. Some of the cases we see most often include:

  • Administration of incorrect medical tests (or administering a test incorrectly). When the wrong test is given, it can delay further treatment and allow for a disease or illness to progress without the patient’s awareness.
  • Incorrectly prescribed medication. Because modern medications come with a litany of side effects, an improper prescription can be fatal in the wrong circumstances. Certain drugs increase the likelihood of serious complications or react badly with other medications. For example, the blood thinner Coumadin shouldn’t be taken with over-the-counter Aspirin because of a significantly increased risk of blood loss if injured. Other mistakes can be made with medications as well, such as providing too high or too low of a dose.
  • Surgical errors. Patients are at their most vulnerable during surgery, and a small mistake can have significant consequences. Common errors include mistakes with anesthesia, accidental nerve damage, and even leaving medical instruments inside of a patient’s body. It’s also surprisingly common for a doctor to operate on the wrong side of the body, such as amputating the left arm when they should have amputated the right arm.
  • Outdated procedures. Doctors have a responsibility to provide the standard of care, which includes using treatments that are modern and reliable. If a doctor uses a procedure that a reasonable and competent doctor in their same circumstances would not have used, they may be considered negligent.

This list is far from exhaustive, however. Each case is different, so consulting an attorney is your best first step.

Hankey Marks & Crider Will Fight for You

Improper treatment can do severe damage. Health is our most important asset, and a doctor’s negligence can put a patient’s well-being at serious risk. Hankey Marks & Crider will defend you in court and get you the compensation you deserve if you or a loved one has been injured due to improper treatment. Our hospital negligence team is ready to handle your case as if it were our own. Call us now at (317) 634-8565 to begin the consultation process, or chat live online with one of our representatives to learn more.