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The elderly, as well as younger individuals with multiple health problems, often take multiple prescription drugs and over the counter medications to combat the symptoms, control the progression, and minimize the unpleasantness of their afflictions. Most of the time this does not result in anything awful occurring, but it is still possible for the variety of medications to inflict harm.

A recent study has found that more than 80 percent of all adults over the age of 57 take at least one prescription drug every day. Fifty percent of all adults in the same age group admit to mixing prescriptions with over the counter medications and supplements on a regular basis. This leaves many opportunities for the drugs to interact poorly.

In addition to problems with mixing over the counter medications and prescriptions, there is also the potential for multiple prescriptions to interact in a negative fashion. It is in any patient’s best interest to ask his or her doctor if the prescriptions will interact negatively. In addition to asking the doctor, it is also important to ask the pharmacist if the prescriptions will interact.

Because of the dangers of interactions between different medications, it is important to inform the doctor and the pharmacist of any and all medications that are being taken. Even minimal painkillers need to be mentioned, as these can negate the effects of an important prescription.

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