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Medicine can be a very helpful thing when it is administered correctly and in the correct dosage. In today’s busy hospital, even something as simple as matching the correct medication with the correct patient should not be taken for granted.

Over the years, there have been numerous examples of doctors prescribing medication to the wrong person. When this occurs, disastrous results can follow. One of the most common improper treatment errors involving incorrect medication is too high or too low of a dosage to a patient. There have been a few examples in the news of babies in particular being given a blood thinner in a dose that nearly killed them.

Another problem is when a doctor gives a patient a medication that he or she knows the patient is allergic to. While there is nothing a doctor can do really if he or she doesn’t know to what the patient is allergic, if the doctor does know, giving the patient the wrong medication is a serious mistake that can be deadly.

A medicine can be deemed incorrect if it is not administered correctly. If the medicine is meant to be injected into an arm and it is injected into a leg, this is a serious mistake. It is worse if the medicine is meant to be injected into the muscle and a doctor or nurse injects it directly into the spinal cord instead. As with anything involving medicine, precision is very important. This goes for administering medications as well as surgery.

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