Indianapolis Off-Label Drug Use Lawyer

Doctors, for as long as anyone can remember, have been known to try a medicine that fixes one problem to fix a similar problem. This “research” has led to some very useful discoveries; however, it can also cause problems.

A recent study has found that prescribing antipsychotics to individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s actually reduces their life expectancy over time. Antipsychotics are meant to be given to people who suffer from a variety of mental disorders, not including Alzheimer’s.

Whenever a doctor prescribes a medication or treatment for something that has not been approved by the FDA, the treatment is called an off label use. This practice is illegal for drug manufacturers and can result in hefty fines. The practice is not actually illegal for doctors. Without off label use, we would never have learned that injections of Botox can help people with migraines.

Unfortunately, a lot of the off label uses that doctors have been trying do not result in such beneficial discoveries. There are many more discoveries akin to the Alzheimer’s/antipsychotics relationship than the Botox/migraine relationship.

As a result of their experiments, numerous people are injured or harmed every year. While it is not done on purpose, using a medication in a way that is off label gives the doctor no clue as to how the patient will react to the medication.

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