Indianapolis Lack of Informed Consent Lawyers

Every individual has the right to determine what will and will not happen to his or her body, especially when it comes to invasive and potentially dangerous medical procedures. According to US law, doctors are responsible for fully informing patients about their medical treatment options before action is taken.

When a doctor fails to fully inform a patient about a medical procedure or treatment before performing it, the doctor could be found guilty of “lack of informed consent,” should an accident or injury occur. Contact the Indianapolis medical malpractice attorneys of the Hankey Law Office to evaluate your situation for a potential lack of informed consent case.

Good Informed Consent

Before any major or potentially damaging medical procedure, a doctor or other medical professional must fully inform you about the procedure or treatment, including any potential risks or side effects. In some states, patients must actually sign a written consent form stating that their doctor fully informed them about the treatment.

A good informed consent form includes the following elements:

  • The name of the medical professionals who will be administering / performing the treatment / procedure
  • Qualifications of the above medical professionals
  • An description of the patient’s medical condition
  • The purpose of the proposed treatment / procedure
  • Any possible risks with the treatment / procedure
  • Possible treatment alternatives
  • Chances of success for the treatment / procedure
  • Expected recovery time
  • Cost of the treatment / procedure

Every patient deserves the above mentioned information before undergoing any medical procedure. If you have been denied important information before receiving medical treatment, contact the Indianapolis lack of informed consent lawyers of the Hankey Law Office to get the compensation you deserve.


If you have been injured in a medical procedure about which you were poorly informed, you may be able to seek damages for your injuries. Unfortunately, the process can be very complicated, as proving a lack of informed consent case requires you to prove a causal relationship between your injury and the lack of informed consent.

To win your case, it is critical to have a qualified and experienced legal professional fighting along side you. Contact the Indianapolis lack of informed consent lawyers of the Hankey Law Office today at 800.520.3633 to secure the representation you need and deserve.