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Both over the counter and prescription drugs are manufactured to elicit very specific results in patients. While these medications often can have life-saving effects, they can also interact very badly with another medication that a patient is currently taking.

When medical professionals fail to examine a patient’s medical history carefully, they can easily prescribe a medication that will have a dangerous or deadly effect on the patient. Negligent actions such as these cannot go without notice or consequence.

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Lack of Attention to Detail

In some cases, a patient may experience a serious drug complication for reasons other than interactions between drugs. One example of this is in the case of medication allergies. When a patient has a known allergy to a particular medicine or group of medicines, it is negligent for a doctor to prescribe one of these medications.

Allergic reactions are often extremely painful and can cause a patient’s underlying medical condition to worsen significantly. If you have been the victim of one of these dangerous pharmaceutical errors, you deserve to be compensated by the individual(s) responsible for your pain and suffering.

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