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Escalators and elevators have become such a normal part of everyday life in the United States that people frequently forget that there are certain dangers associated with both of these transportation aides. Approximately 30 people are killed each year in the US in elevator and escalator accidents, with an additional 17,000 injuries reported.

While some of these accidents are due to user error, a number of injuries and fatalities occurring every year in the United States are due to poor elevator/escalator manufacturing and repair, as well as a poor or complete lack of safety training. Elevators and escalators both require regular maintenance and safety training. This is to make certain that whoever is working on or around these forms of transportation has adequate knowledge on how to do correct repairs or properly respond in the case of an emergency, as well as any normal day-to-day service. When these baseline safety insurers fail to occur without error, serious and even life-threatening injuries are just waiting to happen. These injuries and the legal responsibility for them falls onto the owner(s) of the building, the manager(s) of that property, and the elevator/escalator maintenance crew hired to complete routine work necessary to ensure safe use.

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Hiring a Lawyer

The last thing an insurance company or persons liable want to do is give you the money you are entitled to. They will fight it to the end. And the last thing you want to do is struggle to win a case that could have been easily won by a professional. This is why it is crucial to enlist the services of a personal injury lawyer when dealing with any damages sustained as a result of a defective elevator or escalator use. You want only the best representing you in court in order to garner desired results. While it may be difficult for you to fully understand what you need to know about the law and the type of injury you are dealing with, a lawyer will possess the knowledge, expertise and the fight needed to win your case. They will be able to gather any evidence required and have access to resources that will assure you obtain the best outcome possible. You want to be certain you are securing the maximum compensation that your accident has warranted and hiring an attorney is the best way to do so with as little stress as possible.

Elevator/Escalator Injuries

Elevator and escalator injuries have the potential to cause permanent disability and disfigurement to individuals who suffer from one of these injuries. Not surprisingly, the individuals most affected by both elevator and escalator injuries are children, especially those under the age of 5.

Often, the issue behind defective elevators and escalators is a lazy building owner or property manager. Whether they do not want to spend extra money on crucial repairs or on regular maintenance check-ups, it is common for cheap fixes to be enacted instead of the proper restoration needed to deem these means of transportation safe to use. Safety training may also be skimped on. When faulty or malfunctioning elevators and escalators are not properly marked or poorly and temporarily fixed, parents with small children will use both these things without giving a second thought to their safety.

If an injury or life-threatening emergency occurs and no proper safety training has been implemented, this can lead to extremely negative outcomes. There are certain safety measures built into both elevators and escalators for the sole purpose of de-escalating a potentially life-threatening situation. However, the lack of safety and emergency training can only escalate these situations. If an injury should occur to either the parent or the child, the individuals responsible for the lack of posted safety information must be held accountable for their actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have any outstanding questions or new ones have arisen from this information, we have some of our more often inquired about questions below for your convenience. If you have any further inquiries that need answering upon reading these, we recommend contacting us today.

What is the statute of limitations for elevator/escalator accidents in the state of Indiana?

The deadline for filing most personal injury claims in Indiana is two years for clients over the age of 18. For minors, you have until they turn 18 years old. Slip and fall or negligence-caused accidents fall into this timeline.

How could comparative negligence affect me?

Lawyers representing the defendants in your case will attempt to pin some of the blame onto you. This is particularly true in the case of being under the influence of or affected by alcohol, medications, or drugs. In the off-chance that this was what caused your accident or was the reason your injuries were more serious than they should have been, they will place part of the blame onto you and you will lose out on some of your compensation. However, there are many ways we can challenge this and gain some back.

Why should I choose Hankey Law Office to represent me?

The lawyers here at Hankey Law Office have a combined 75 years of experience handling various types of personal injury cases. We believe that if accidents do occur, justice and compensation must too. Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to obtain optimal results for our clients and we will work just as hard for you and your unique case as well. We will not rest until your case is settled with as much compensation as possible.

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