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Public buildings are responsible for adhering to certain safety standards in terms of building design to protect occupants in the event of an emergency and allow them a safe and speedy exit. This is especially important in the event of a fire. If a fire breaks out in a public building, occupants need to be notified of the fire in a timely manner and must be able to easily find emergency exits to escape harm.

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The Dangers of Fire Injuries

When a person finds him / herself in a building that is on fire, time is critical. Every second that passes brings greater and greater danger to a person in a burning building, and increases the likelihood of an injury and the severity of that injury.

The results of burn injuries can be devastating. A person who is stuck in a burning building can suffer

  • Lung damage due to smoke inhalation
  • Mild to severe burn injury (often requiring skin grafts to heal properly)
  • Permanent disability
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Death
  • Blindness

If poor building design or emergency notification systems led to any of the above mentioned fire injuries, you need to contact a legal professional as quickly as possible to make sure you receive the compensation for your injuries that you need and truly deserve. The Indianapolis fire injury lawyers of the Hankey Law Office will fight to make sure your needs are taken care of.

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Fire-related injuries often bring with them extensive medical bills. If you have been injured in a fire that was due to problems on someone else’s property, you should not have to cover the cost of your medical treatment and care. contact the Indianapolis fire attorneys of the Hankey Law Office today at (800) 520-3633.