Indianapolis Motor Speedway Accident Lawyer

Indianapolis is proud to host one of the greatest motor speedway race events in the world – the Indy 500. This 500-Mile Race brings people and media from around the world, all coming with the anticipation of seeing a fantastic competition. With about 400,000 spectators and 33 cars racing head-to-head, it is no wonder it has been referred to as The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

Of course, with all great attractions involving vehicles traveling at high speeds, the risk of being in an accident directly or indirectly also increases. Over two dozen drivers, testers, and qualifiers have been killed on the track of the Indy 500. Many injury and fatality cases have also involved riding mechanics in and out of practice, track personnel, spectators, and even bystanders. It is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous jobs in one of the most dangerous environments.

Some Causes of Motor Speedway Accidents:

Common causes of accidents at motor speedways include:

  • Equipment Failure: Race cars must meet a minimum safety standard. Safety standards can encompass designs in brakes and brake systems, safety cages, harnesses, clothing and helmet, tires and tire maintenance, steering, and suspension.
  • Road Conditions: Any improperly paved portion of the speedway or any other obstruction on the road can cause a fatal crash or pile-up and possibly resulting in fatalities on and off the track.

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