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Railroad accidents are some of the most serious and damaging accidents that can occur between vehicles. Trains are significantly larger than almost any other vehicle they might come across, and so a collision between a train and an automobile almost always results in significant damage and injury.

Additionally, the speed of train travel, combined with their size, makes it difficult for trains to slow down or brake with limited notice. As such, if a train comes across an object in the middle of the tracks, it will most likely not be able to stop in time to prevent a serious accident from occurring.

The Indianapolis train accident lawyers of Hankey Marks & Crider will represent you if you have been the victim of a serious and damaging train accident.

Intended Safety Measures

To reduce the likelihood of collisions between trains and other vehicles, there are a number of safety features that have been put in place, most often at and around railroad crossings, which are meant to warn drivers of an approaching train.

One of the most important and successful safety features used at railroad crossings is safety gates. These gates are signaled when a train is approaching and will lower themselves across the road so that cars and other vehicles cannot pass and cross the railroad, thus preventing a collision with a train.

However, the individuals and authorities responsible for putting these gates in place often times neglect to do so in certain locations because of the additional cost of the gates, or they fail to replace faulty gates in a timely manner. The lack of this necessary safety feature significantly increases the chances that a damaging and potentially deadly accident will occur.

The Indianapolis lack of safety gates attorneys of Hankey Marks & Crider will fight for your rights if you have been in an accident due to a lack of safety gates at a railroad crossing.

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