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Operating a commercial or commuter train safely requires a high degree of attention, skill, and training. However, to fill job vacancies as quickly as possible, many railroad employers do not properly interview and investigate potential employees. When this happens, unqualified and inattentive workers are put in charge of operating very complicated vehicles.

The Federal Railroad Administration reported that in the year 2008 alone there were 12,167 railroad accidents, 726 of which were fatal. The single greatest contributor to these accidents was human error.

If railway employers were diligent in hiring only qualified and skilled workers, it is likely that the number of deadly train accidents caused by human factors would decrease significantly. Bringing a personal injury lawsuit against negligent railroad employers is an effective way to hold negligent employers accountable for the accidents they cause.

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Bringing a negligent hiring lawsuit against a railroad company can be extremely difficult for someone who has never dealt with this area of the law before. Fortunately, the negligent hiring lawyers of Hankey Marks & Crider have years of experience they can bring to your aid.

By partnering with an experienced legal firm for your railroad accident case, you greatly increase your chances of receiving compensation for any injuries or damages you have suffered. Let our accomplished legal team help you work through your train accident lawsuit.

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