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Indianapolis Fatigued Truck Driver Lawyer

18-wheelers and other large trucks are responsible for moving large quantities of goods across the country on a daily basis. They provide both interstate and intrastate transportation options that are much more localized than a train can provide. Door to door service would not be possible without 18-wheelers.

One of the biggest problems with 18-wheelers, though, is that their drivers are frequently over-worked, under rested, and working to meet very tight deadlines. These deadlines frequently don’t take into account the potential for traffic jams outside of cities at rush hour or detours due to road closures.

This means that the already over-worked, under-rested truck driver is forced to push himself to go further than may be safe at night in order to compensate for the lost time in a city due to rush hour or a car accident.

When the drivers push themselves, they are likely to fall asleep at the wheel or be drowsy. When the driver is drowsy, reaction times are slowed which reduces the driver’s ability to recognize a car or problem in front of the truck. When it takes longer to recognize an obstacle, there is less time for the truck to stop or move to avoid the object. In this way, fatigue plays a major role in truck accidents.

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