Indiana Chronic Venous Insufficiency Attorney

As humans age, it is possible to develop health conditions that make it difficult to maintain a stable job. Unfortunately, these chronic health conditions can cause significant financial strain on families that suddenly find themselves without an income. In some instances, Social Security Disability benefits may be used to substitute for the lost wages caused by an illness or injury.

Chronic venous insufficiency is one such condition that may make an applicant eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. At Hankey Marks & Crider, our Indiana chronic venous insufficiency lawyers want to help you apply for the benefits you will need as you deal with your medical condition.

Complications of Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Chronic venous insufficiency is often a complication of deep vein thrombosis and is caused when the varicose veins in the legs become damaged. This condition is painful and can make sitting, standing, and walking difficult over long periods of time. The following symptoms are related to chronic venous insufficiency:

  • Severe swelling in legs
  • Discoloration of tissue (brawny edema)
  • Cramping
  • Burning sensation
  • Wounds that reoccur or do not heal

At Hankey Marks & Crider, you and your family’s well-being is important to our team of Indiana chronic venous insufficiency attorneys. We believe that you are entitled to financial assistance when you are physically limited due to health reasons.

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Social Security Disability benefits are designed to work with individuals who are suffering from short-term and long-term health conditions. If you are in need of assistance with filing for disability benefits or appealing a denied claim, contact the Indiana chronic venous insufficiency attorneys at Hankey Marks & Crider. For more information on how our legal team can help you, please call (317) 634-8565 today.