Indiana Heart Transplant Attorney

When a heart transplant patient experiences complications, earning a livable wage can become an impossible feat. Any type of surgery requires a recovery period that may leave the patient out of work, but heart transplant surgery is particularly demanding in this regard. Lost wages can be devastating for an individual and his or her family, and many heart transplant patients struggle to overcome the financial difficulties of undergoing such a serious operation. For heart transplant recipients, it is often possible to seek Social Security Disability benefits when suffering symptoms before or after surgery. However, some Social Security agents will deny a candidate these benefits when certain qualifications are not met, leaving applicants wondering how they will support their families.

The Indiana heart transplant attorneys at Hankey Marks & Crider have experience with representing clients who suffer from an abundance of medical issues that keep them from working. Our skilled team wants to find you the benefits you need while recovering from your debilitating condition.

Qualifying for Heart Transplant SSDI

The Social Security Administration has a number of stipulations that an individual seeking benefits must meet before being given financial relief. Some qualifications for a heart transplant patient include the following symptoms:

  • Failure of the new heart
  • Rejection of the new heart by the body
  • Complications from anti-rejection medication

These complications can cause infections, organ damage, and other medical conditions that limit the patient’s ability to work. At Hankey Marks & Crider, our attorneys are prepared to defend your claim for Social Security Disability in order to keep you from becoming financially destitute.

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