Indiana Social Security Lawyers For Endocrine System Disorders

If you’ve been affected by an endocrine system disorder, you know they can make your life a mess.  An endocrine problem can affect your hormone levels and may make you feel weak and tired. These symptoms can make it difficult for you to go about your regular daily life. At the same time, treating endocrine system disorders is not an exact science and may lead to problems in other systems in the body.

If your endocrine system disorder makes it impossible for you to work, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Although it’s possible to apply for these benefits on your own, there are mountains of paperwork required and nit-picky forms that must be completed perfectly before the Social Security Administration (SSA) will even look at your documentation.

For a better chance at getting the SSD benefits you deserve, you need the Indiana Social Security Disability attorneys of Hankey Marks & Crider on your side. At this critical time, your best path to success is to have an experienced and skilled attorney who specializes in endocrine system disabilities and who is willing to fight for the financial compensation you and your family need.

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Do I Need A Social Security Disability Lawyer?

The majority of people who submit an application for Social Security Disability benefits are denied the first time around. In 2020, of the staggering 1,838,893 people who applied for disability benefits, only 648,121 of them received benefits. That’s only 35.35%. This means that the majority of people who apply for disability benefits — including some of the most deserving people — will be denied the compensation that they and their families desperately need.

With an experienced attorney on your side, you can expect a better experience with the SSA. Your lawyer can ensure that all the documents the SSA may need to process your request for benefits are accounted for and properly submitted so that your chances of being approved for SSD benefits are higher.

You’ll want an attorney from Hankey Marks & Crider working for you because they are experienced with the process of both filing and appealing Social Security Benefits cases. They can assist you with:

  • Filing the needed paperwork
  • Gathering all documentation necessary for your claim
  • Accessing medical records
  • Verifying that your condition constitutes a disability according to the SSA
  • Determining your next steps if your claim is denied
  • Developing a case for an appeal

The SSA receives several thousand SSD benefits applications daily. If relevant information is missing or there are mistakes found in your application, you can be denied. With an experienced lawyer, the possibility of being granted the benefits you need increases exponentially. Don’t risk having your benefits denied for something so simple as a typo.  Call Hankey Marks & Crider today and put them to work on your case.

Why Hire Hankey Marks & Crider for My SSD Benefits Claim?

At Hankey Marks & Crider, we are familiar with every type of SSD case, and we are knowledgeable about Social Security laws. Together, our lawyers have over eight decades worth of experience in personal injury, long-term and Social Security disability. We will bring all our skills and resources to the table and do everything we can to make sure that you receive the full amount of benefits you deserve.

Hankey Marks & Crider is dedicated to securing SSD benefits for disabled Indiana residents who need them. If you suffer from an endocrine system disorder and are unable to work or provide for yourself and your family, you are likely entitled to benefits. We are knowledgeable about and prepared to help you with:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD/SSDI)
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Social Security Disability Claim Filing
  • Social Security Disability Claim Appeal
  • Social Security Disability / Injury Representation
  • Qualifying Disabilities

At Hankey Marks & Crider, we are well-versed in Social Security cases. Our founding lawyer, Charles D. Hankey, has handled 10,000 of these cases since 1973. As a collective, our firm has deep experience in personal injury, long-term and social security disability, and we’re ready to put our talents to work to get you the benefits you need.

We know how difficult it can be to go through the process of applying for SSD benefits. As if that’s not hard enough by itself, you’re likely also dealing with the added stress of being unable to provide for yourself or your family as a result of your endocrine system disorder. The attorneys at Hankey Marks & Crider take pride in our ability to take this burden off your shoulders while we do the work of applying for or making an appeal to secure your SSD benefits.

Endocrine System Disorder Categories

When applying for Social Security Disability benefits, it is crucial to know whether your disorder or disability is what the SSA considers a qualifying condition. The most common endocrine system disorders that the SSA awards sufferers compensation for are:

  • Pituitary Gland Disorders
  • Thyroid Gland Disorders
  • Parathyroid Gland Disorders
  • Adrenal Gland Disorders
  • Diabetes Mellitus and other Pancreatic Gland Disorders
    • Hyperglycemia / Chronic Hyperglycemia
    • Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)
    • Hypoglycemia

The SSA is responsible for determining the severity of your endocrine system disorder. Their decision will dictate whether or not you are eligible to receive SSD benefits.

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