Indiana Social Security Disability Claim Filing Lawyer

Frequently, disabled individuals qualify for Social Security benefits but do not know how to apply. Filing a disability claim is the first step, but this is easier said than done. Creating a claim is a time-intensive undertaking. A single mistake could delay the start of your benefits by months.

If you are struggling to understand the claim filing process, consider seeking assistance from a Social Security disability claim filing lawyer. The experienced staff of the Hankey Law Office has the knowledge it takes to file a complete, accurate, and timely claim. To find out if we can help you apply for federal disability benefits, contact us without delay at (800) 520-3633.

Types of Social Security Disability Claims

Disability claims vary depending on the claimant’s circumstances. Age, income level, and the duration of the physical or mental disability can all affect the application process. Whether you are a disabled individual or a caregiver, you may need assistance filing:

A successful claim can help you gain access to Social Security disability payments. On the other hand, an unsuccessful claim could deprive you of this valuable monetary benefit. You may be able to maximize your chances of success by speaking with an attorney before filing your claim.

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