Indianapolis Workers’ Compensation Attorney

By law, businesses in Indianapolis, Indiana are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance so that they are able to provide restitution to employees who are injured on the job. Injured workers who fulfill requirements set by Indianapolis workers’ compensation laws may be eligible for coverage of their medical expenses, as well as payments of up to 2/3 of their normal salary.

Furthermore, depending on the severity of a workers’ injury or disability, workers’ compensation laws may provide additional benefits for him and/or his dependents. The Hankey Law Office helps injured workers claim the compensation to which they are entitled.

Wrongfully Denied Claims

Whether your employer purchases workers’ compensation insurance through a third-party insurer or operates under a self-insured policy, filing a workers’ compensation claim in Indianapolis may be more difficult than it would seem. Many employers may seek to deny legitimate workers’ comp claims simply to save themselves time and money – a practice which, though reprehensible, is hard for an employee to contest without the assistance of an experienced Indianapolis workers’ compensation attorney.

Protection for Your Indianapolis Workers’ Compensation Case

In some cases, employers and insurance companies attempt to sidestep their workers’ compensation responsibilities by arguing that the employee’s injury or disability was not work-related. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting men and women fall into this trap by signing forms, making statements, or agreeing to settlements without consulting a worker’s compensation lawyer. Even minor inconsistencies or flaws in an employee’s account of his or her injuries may be blown out of proportion and used to deny his or her claim.

Don’t let this happen to you. After being seriously injured at work, the last thing you need to worry about is wading through the bureaucratic red tape surrounding your workers’ compensation claim. An Indianapolis workers’ compensation lawyer from the Hankey Law Office can handle the legal wrangling around your case and let you concentrate on your own well-being and recovery. Contact us today at (317) 634-8565 to learn more.