Train Accidents

For the last 150 years or so, trains have been a significant source of transportation for people and goods across the country. They provide a cheaper way of transporting large amounts of goods in an efficient way not tied to roads that are prone to clog up with traffic. Trains also provide transportation for individuals in a way that is frequently much easier than a plane and also affords much more leg room.

Unfortunately, trains are capable of having accidents just like any other moving vehicle. The difference being that when a train has an accident, a lot more people are affected than a car accident. Frequently, there are more people on a train than there would be on a plane.

Another problem with train accidents is how they are caused. If a train hits another train due to a missed signal, the number of people involved has just doubled. If a passenger train hits a freight train, there is a very good chance that there is something on the freight train which can be spilled that is also toxic or at least harmful.

Train accidents most frequently are a result of either human error or mechanical failure. Things like texting while conducting or missing a signal light are examples of human errors. Mechanical failure includes things like an engine breaking or brakes not working properly.

Derailments, which are always an adventure, frequently cause as many injuries as a collision, depending on the severity of the derailment. A derailment occurs when one of the train’s wheels comes off of the track. The more wheels that come off the track, the more severe the derailment will be.

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