Weed Eater Accidents

Weed eaters are popular gardening tools among many homeowners. These powerful products are used as edge trimmers to keep yards looking clean, orderly, and weed-free. Instead of implementing metal blades to clip back plants, weed eaters employ the use of two nylon strings, rotating very quickly, to chop through grass and weeds. This eliminates the danger of cutting oneself on the mechanism while it is not in motion. However, weed eaters are still strong tools that may cause serious injury if not used properly.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Children need to be kept out of the yard if a weed eater is being used. Young adults who are allowed to operate these tools should be kept under strict watch to ensure that they use the machines safely. It is the responsibility of the child’s supervisor to safeguard him or her against the dangers posed by weed eaters.

Defective or malfunctioning weed eaters may be extremely dangerous. Manufacturing errors, while uncommon, may result in hazardous flying parts that can seriously injure or even disable the user or those nearby. Operators are encouraged to wear protective clothing and goggles when working with weed eaters.

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