Social Security is a social insurance program that is primarily funded by payroll taxes from the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. This program is the federal government’s biggest expenditure, paying out over $500 billion in 2004 alone. Unfortunately, as such an enormous program, Social Security has many misconceptions surrounding it that can negatively affect your disability claim.

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Misconceptions Regarding Social Security

Social Security is currently a contentious topic, but many opinions regarding this issue are based on nothing more than myth. The following are common misconceptions about the state of the Social Security program:

  • Social Security will become unsustainable in 2037
  • Social Security benefits are earned
  • The Social Security Trust Fund is bankrupt

While some of these myths have their basis in some truth, they are wildly exaggerated. For instance, although the federal government has a large amount of debt, Social Security funds are still being distributed to those with disabilities.

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