When a person who has earned enough Social Security credits to qualify for benefits passes away without collecting them, it is possible under specific circumstances for a spouse to claim his or her benefits. These are called Social Security survivor benefits. They are designed to reduce the financial impact a family undergoes when its primary breadwinner dies.

If a qualifying member of your family has passed away and you have been denied Social Security survivor benefits, the Indiana Social Security disability lawyers of Hankey Marks & Crider can help you claim the benefits you are owed. Contact us at (317) 634-8565 for a confidential case consultation.

Who Qualifies for Survivor Benefits?

Social Security benefits are earned through credits that people accumulate automatically as they work and pay Social Security taxes. The maximum number of credits a person can earn annually is four. The amount of credits a person needs to qualify for most benefits varies by age, but a maximum of ten years of work is all it takes to qualify for all Social Security benefits.

If you have earned them, these benefits can be collected by a spouse when he or she reaches retirement age. There are many special rules that also allow your benefits to be paid out to your children, or even your grandchildren. Many survivor benefits are in place to help raise children, especially in cases where the child or caretaker is disabled.

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