This week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and as such, many public and private organizations are working on educating the public about the prevalence of dog bites and how to avoid being bitten.

With nearly 1,200 dog bites and attacks reported to animal control agencies in Indianapolis in 2012, Indianapolis’s own Marion County Animal Care and Control Agency, along with the American Veterinary Association and State Farm Insurance, are working on decreasing the number of people bitten by dogs. According to Dawn Contos, spokeswoman for the Marion County Animal Care and Control Agency, the number of pet bites that occur can likely be decreased by owners acting responsibly and people exercising greater caution around dogs. For Indianapolis this is especially important, as it ranks 7th in the nation for the number of insurance claims filed for dog bites, according to State Farm.

Contos also warned that people, especially children who are susceptible to more severe bites as they are closer to a dog’s level, should be careful around all dogs, not just notoriously dangerous breeds.

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