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Of the nearly 5 million people who are bitten by dogs in the United States every year, approximately 1 in 6 will need medical care. While many dog bite injuries are relatively mild, requiring no more than a bandage – or perhaps stitches, some attacks will leave the victim permanently disfigured, scarred, or even dead.

In Indianapolis, the law states that a dog or pet owner may be held liable for any damages caused if their pet makes an unprovoked attack on another person. If you have been injured by an animal attack, the Indianapolis dog bite lawyers of the Hankey Law Office may be able to help.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dogs are natural predators, and are capable of inflicting great physical damage on – or even killing – a person very quickly. Some dogs are inherently aggressive and may have a history of attacks; others may be otherwise docile pets who attack without warning. Survivors of dog or animal attacks may suffer from:

  • Disfiguring scar tissue
  • Broken bones
  • Impairment or disability
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Emotional/psychological scarring

Risk to Children

Children are especially at risk from dog bites for several reasons. First, a child’s natural curiosity and lack of real-world experience may cause him or her to unintentionally provoke a dog. Childlike play behavior may appear challenging or irritating to even a normally patient dog.

Second, children are also less likely than adults to recognize the warning signs of a dog attack (bared teeth, growls, laid-back ears, etc.) and are thus unable to adequately protect themselves.

Finally, as smaller, more fragile individuals, children often suffer more severe injuries when attacked by a dog. Unable to fight off an attacking dog like an adult, children are left at the mercy of an aggressive animal.

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It is the responsibility of pet owners to keep their dog under control. If you, your children, or a loved one have been attacked by a dog without provocation, the animal’s owner may be liable for your injuries. To learn more, or to discuss your case with a legal professional, call an Indianapolis dog bite lawyer at the Hankey Law Office by dialing (317) 634-8565.