Disabled Indiana individuals who are planning to apply or appeal for their Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits should understand how payments are given in order to maximize their resources while coping with disabilities.

  • SSDI benefit should start at the time the SSA proves an individual’s disability.
  • SSDI payments are given every month, depending on the recipient’s birth date.
  • SSDI payments are either deposited onto a debit card issued by the SSA or to the recipient’s personal bank account.
  • SSDI payments will end once the disability of an individual has ended.
  • SSDI payment may be distributed for a person’s entire life if he or she suffers from a “permanent disability.”

The SSA periodically verifies an individual’s disability to make sure that they are still entitled to receive SSDI benefits. SSDI benefits may also be affected if a recipient is simultaneously receiving other benefits.

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