Being bitten by a dog can be traumatic, even for animal lovers. The injuries sustained in a dog bite can range in severity, but even a minor nip can result in significant injuries if an infection sets in. If you are bitten by a dog, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries and lost wages. However, for such a case to be successful, you are required to prove fault. This goes beyond submitting pictures of your injuries. Proving fault means showing negligence on the part of the dog owner. Here are some tips on proving fault in a dog bite case:

Collect Evidence

dog attack owner negligenceCollecting evidence does not necessarily mean turning into an amateur detective. Instead, take photos of your injuries and save all your medical records. This includes any medical bills you may have paid stemming from the dog bite. You should also identify any witnesses and quickly get their names to your personal injury attorney. It is best to leave speaking to witnesses to your attorney, as anything you say to the witnesses can be used against you when it is time to negotiate a fair settlement amount.

Get the witnesses’ contact information and let your attorney handle the rest. Don’t wait too long to start collecting evidence. Witnesses may forget crucial details or move away. There is also a statute of limitations that will affect your case.

Locate the Dog’s Owner

Finding the owner of the animal can sometimes be difficult. Not all dogs have I.D. tags, especially when they are running loose. If the dog is microchipped, it is a little easier. The microchip will display the owner’s name and contact information. The responding police officer may be able to access the chip information. If not, the vet will scan for a microchip when the dog is dropped off at the clinic or animal shelter. You can also talk to neighbors and witnesses. Most neighbors have at least a passing knowledge of who owns a dog in the area.

You May Be Entitled to Receive Compensation for Your Injuries

Compensation for a dog bite can vary. Every case is unique. Many dog bite victims are entitled to receive compensation for their medical expenses and lost wages. There may also be compensation for future medical bills if the bite is likely to cause scarring that will need surgery in the future. You may also be able to include non-economic damages like emotional anguish, pain, and suffering in your personal injury lawsuit.

The amount of compensation you receive varies on a case-by-case basis. The extent of your injuries and type of negligence are a few factors that can impact compensation amounts. It is important you hire a personal injury attorney who is familiar with such cases, who can give you proper advice on what is fair compensation for your case.

Don’t Pursue a Dog Bite Injury Case Alone

Being bitten by a dog, regardless of the animal’s size, can result in serious injuries. Dog bite cases can be complex, especially when it comes to proving negligence. Schedule a consultation with Indianapolis dog bite attorneys today to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Call (317) 634-8565 or contact us online.