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When an airplane experiences any sort of mechanical defect or malfunction, the likelihood of an accident or crash increases substantially, putting everyone aboard an airplane in harm’s way. While some mechanical defects are difficult to anticipate before they become a problem, negligence or inattentiveness on the part of airplane designers, manufacturers, or airline mechanics can result in fixable problems going unnoticed or unrepaired before a plane leaves the ground.

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Bringing Responsible Individuals to Justice

It is absolutely critical that the individuals given responsibility for airline maintenance and repairs take their jobs seriously and work attentively and diligently, as their work directly affects the safety and lives of hundreds of airline passengers each day.

In the same way, companies that design, manufacture, or build parts for airplanes have a duty to ensure the reliability of their products; even a small mechanical glitch can spell disaster for the complex navigation, control, and electronic systems aboard a plane.

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