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Accidents and injuries due to heavy and/or repetitive lifting are unfortunately common in the United States. Studies have found that 80% of individuals between the ages of 30 and 50 will suffer from some type of back injury, and one of the leading causes of back injuries is improper heavy lifting.

Construction workers who repeatedly lift items as part of their job are at an increased risk of experiencing a damaging lifting injury. It is the responsibility of employers to provide sufficient training, safety equipment, and safe work conditions for their employees in order to prevent lifting injuries form occurring.

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Lifting Injuries and Employer Negligence

Employers must take every foreseeable precaution to prevent lifting injuries from affecting their workers. This frequently includes:

  • Providing lifting belts / harnesses
  • Training employees in proper lifting procedures
  • Allowing employees time to rest between periods of heavy lifting
  • Setting safe and reasonable quotas for the number of items that must be moved / lifted by employees

When employers ignore these safety practices, accidents and injuries are likely to occur. The Indianapolis lifting injury lawyers of Hankey Marks & Crider are here to help with cases that involve:

How Lifting Injuries Occur

Lifting injuries are one of the most common injuries that occur on construction sites. Lifting injuries may result from any of the following:

  • Not designating enough people to help lift a heavy object
  • A sudden shift in weight, putting too much stress on one part of the body
  • Not protecting your back with the use of a back brace
  • Requiring individuals to lift something that is more suitable for machinery to lift
  • Using your back to lift the object instead of your legs

Ways to Avoid Lifting Injuries

Your employer should train you on safe lifting procedures and inform you of the safety equipment you should be using on the construction sites. The following tips may also help reduce your risk of back injury:

  • Always squat when lifting a heavy object and push up through your legs. Do not bend over the object and then try to lift using your back.
  • Stretch each day before beginning strenuous work activities.
  • Do not try to move heavy objects alone. Get a group to help with large, awkward objects, or if possible, use machinery such as a wheelbarrow, dolly, or forklift instead.
  • Watch for objects on the ground that could cause you to trip or could cause injury if stepped on.
  • Lift heavy objects slowly, carry them slowly, and set them down slowly. If an object is so heavy that you have to try to rapidly lift it off the ground, rush to set it down, or drop it, then you should not be lifting it alone.

Sometimes lifting injuries occur because workers were given improper instructions, inadequate equipment or manpower, or are operating in an unsafe environment. If you have sustained a lifting injury on a construction site, contact a personal injury lawyer to help you determine if your employer can be held legally responsible. A good personal injury attorney will fight on behalf of your interests and help you get the compensation for your injuries and damages that you may deserve.

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Lifting injuries can be extremely painful and can cause long-term or permanent damage. If a lifting injury has occurred because of unsafe work conditions or practices, the employers responsible for creating this dangerous situation absolutely must be held accountable for their careless and negligent actions.

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