Indianapolis Leg Injury Lawyers

The legs are one of the strongest muscles in the body, responsible for maintaining the entire weight of the body when we are standing upright. Despite their strength, they are prone to injury, especially during the course of lifting a heavy object. The weight of the object and the angle of the lift can put stress on the legs and back that our body is not usually subject to, and can easily cause harm.

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Preventing Leg Injuries during Lifting

When giving instruction as to proper lifting posture, the most commonly emphasized pieces of advice is to “lift with your legs, not with your back.” Often, other areas of proper lifting posture are neglected in order to reemphasize this one platitude. Although it is important to not lift using the muscles of your back, which can result in injuries to the lower back, failing to execute other aspects of proper lifting posture can easily cause leg injuries. Some of the other steps you can take to prevent leg injuries include:

  • Ask for help. The majority of lifting injuries could be avoided altogether by lifting with two people instead of one. This not only helps you distribute the weight more effectively, but also assists with dealing with objects that may be more bulky than they are heavy.
  • Remain as close to the load as possible. Act as if you are hugging the object; by keeping the object as close to the body as possible, the force of gravity on your legs and back is minimized.
  • Pivot your body instead of twisting while carrying a load. Twisting can put you off balance, and in addition to causing back injuries, can easily cause ankle or calf injuries as well.

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