Indianapolis Obstructed Roadway Lawyers

Highways are intrinsically dangerous places due to the number of cars traveling at a given time, as well as the speed at which these cars are driving. In many cases, even a driver who is fully alert and responsible will be put in danger because they do not have adequate time to respond to a situation on the road.

An example of this can be found in foreign objects or debris that is not removed from roadways in a timely manner. Objects that may be left on the highway, posing a significant threat to drivers, may include:

  • Cars and car parts from accidents that have not been cleared
  • Fallen signs
  • Tools and equipment from highway construction
  • Dead animals
  • Weather debris (e.g. tree branches)

The highway accident attorneys at Hankey Marks & Crider are here to represent you if you have been in an accident because of any of these (or other) objects negligently left on the highway.

Cleaning Up Our Roads

Obstructions left on the highway are extremely dangerous because they have the possibility to cause numerous accidents and injure countless people. As long as they remain on the road, they remain a threat to all drivers and passengers. Some drivers may be forced to swerve or make other risky maneuvers to avoid these objects; others may be unable to avoid hitting or running over these objects, resulting in serious physical and property damage.

The highway defect attorneys at Hankey Marks & Crider are here to make sure that the people responsible for keeping highways clean and clear are brought to justice if they fail to keep our highways safe for all motorists.

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