Indianapolis Post-Surgery Complication Lawyer

Surgery always brings with it serious risks. Any small error or oversight in the operating room can result in long-term injuries or even death for an innocent patient. Because of this, surgeons must be attentive, careful, and diligent when treating each and every patient.

Adequate surgical care, however, does not end when the surgery itself is complete. Even after a surgical procedure is finished, there are still a number of serious risks that a patient faces. The Indianapolis post-surgical complications attorneys at Hankey Marks & Crider are here to work with you if you have experienced any of the following post-surgical complications:

  • Infection
  • Continued bleeding
  • Pharmaceutical errors following surgery
  • Problems with sutures or staples
  • Foreign objects left inside the body cavity
  • Shock
  • Complications with anesthesia

Prolonged Pain and Suffering

When surgeons, or other designated medical professionals, do not recognize these problems in post-surgical patients, injuries equal to or worse than in-surgery mistakes can result. A patient hoping to receive treatment for a serious medical condition may end up in a worse state than when he or she entered the hospital.

Recovering from post-surgical medical negligence can often be a long and difficult process involving further medical treatment. The medical professionals responsible for your extended pain and suffering should be the ones to cover the cost of this additional medical treatment.

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