Indianapolis Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

Swimming pools create a relaxing and fun environment for most owners and swimmers. Generally, most people are safe from the dangers of swimming pools, but occasionally, due to owner negligence, people have fallen victim and to hazards in and around swimming pools.

One of the most common and horrifying accidents that involve swimming pools is drowning. Surprisingly, in many drowning reports lifeguards have been present. Many of the victims become trapped underwater due to drainage suction. These individuals usually become trapped due to clothing, accessories, body parts, jewelry, or hair getting caught in the drain.

Loosely secured steps or ladders can break off the wall and cause an individual who cannot swim to fall into the water. Many of these individuals are children and people with disabilities who, if not attentively supervised, can remain unnoticed and eventually drown.

Regular maintenance in pool areas must also be performed. If walking areas have highly concentrated volumes of algae or water, people may slip and injure themselves. Severe falls can result in concussions, fractures, and paralysis.

Diving board accidents can occur if the platform itself is not secure or if the water beneath it is too shallow. Also, if there are no signs prohibiting diving, the pool owner may be liable for any damages that result from a diving board accident.

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