Indianapolis Truck Mechanical Defect Attorney

If a trucking accident occurs because of mechanical defects or malfunctions, the manufacturers can be held liable for any injuries or accidents resulting from their faulty products. The Indianapolis mechanical defects lawyers of Hankey Marks & Crider can help you understand what rights you have if you have been the victim of a defect or malfunction on a truck. These defects can include:

Strict Liability Claims

When a manufacturer produces and releases defective or faulty products, they are vulnerable to product liability claims, and most often, to strict liability claims.

Strict liability claims focus on the products themselves, rather than on the behavior of the manufacturer (such as in a negligence claim). With strict liability claims, a manufacturer is held responsible for a defective or malfunctioning product regardless of how he or she acted. Even if the manufacturer did not display any signs of negligence, he or she is still liable for any and all defects. In certain situations, claims can also be brought against wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers as well.

Mechanical Defects and Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks frequently carry heavy loads at high speeds, creating potentially dangerous situations in which every mechanical component must work perfectly to allow a driver to remain in control of his or her vehicle. Even a small malfunction can result in a blown tire, an ineffective brake system, or an inability to steer. When such problems occur on a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds, serious accidents are often the result.

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