Dog Bite Injuries

Dogs are typically considered to be great pets. They are generally playful, friendly, great companions, and effective protectors. However, sometimes, depending on the pup’s personality or on its breed, a dog may be a threat to innocent outsiders. Pet owners have the responsibility of containing and training their animals in a manner that safeguards others from dangerous attacks. Failure to do so is considered illegal in many states, and both dog and owner may face punishment if they break the dog bite law.

Indiana’s Dog Bite Law

Indiana is one of the 18 states of the US that supports the one bite rule. Under this regulation, the dog’s owner cannot be held liable for any injuries that occur during the first time his or her dog attacks another human being. If the dog attacks an individual carrying out a duty of law, however, the one bite rule does not apply.

The owner may be held liable for any injuries that result from the attack. Owners may also be held liable in cases where negligence is a cause of the attack. For example, if the owner knowingly allows the dog to run free, and the animal then attacks another person, then he or she may be held accountable under the premise of negligence.

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