Electrocution Accidents

Each year, thousands of people are injured from electric shock. Electrocution can happen whenever an individual is around electricity, including while on the job, at home, in other buildings, or on the street. Sadly, electrocution often results in serious burns, and when severe enough, may even lead to death.

Professionals working around electricity, such as power line repairmen, engineers, and building electricians, anticipate a certain amount of risk when doing their jobs and account for some of the electrocution accidents each year. A large portion of electric shock accidents, however, happen to people who do not work around electricity and are completely unprepared for an accident.

Tips to Avoid Electrocution

If you are working with electrical equipment, are around power lines, or otherwise have frequent contact with electricity, consider these tips to reduce your risk of electrocution:

  • If you see a fallen power line or an exposed power line wire, stay far away from it and call your local energy company immediately with the location of the fallen or exposed line.
  • Never try to use damaged outlets or damaged wires. If you have an appliance with a hole in the cord housing, exposing the inner wire, do not attempt to plug the appliance in. It is best to have the cord repaired by a professional, or dispose of it entirely.
  • Do not operate electrical equipment in a wet or damp place. Be sure your hands and the area itself are both completely dry before plugging in the device and using it.
  • Do not plug too many devices into one outlet. Do not plug multiple power strips into one outlet. This can overload the outlet, causing a spark or a fire that could result in severe electric shock or burns.

If you have been electrocuted because of a defective product, faulty wiring, exposed wires, fallen or sagging power lines, or other electrical shock caused by malfunction or human error, someone else may be liable for your injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney can gather evidence to support your case and show that a negligent party is legally responsible for the accident.

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