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Burns are very common, yet potentially very dangerous injuries. While minor burns require minimal care and typically heal on their own, serious burn injuries can result in coma, disability, or death. Even when their injuries are non-fatal, burn survivors are often left with disfiguring scar tissue and may require dozens of surgical procedures and skin grafts just to live a normal life.

The Indianapolis burn injury lawyers of the Hankey Law Office understand the unique challenges involved in handling a serious burn injury case. We realize that the important details of a burn injury claim are often determined by the exact type of burn involved:

Who is at fault for your burn injuries? Is it a property owner who failed to adhere to fire safety regulations? An employer who improperly stored dangerous chemicals? A manufacturer who produced defective tanning beds?

Answering these questions can be difficult without the help of an Indianapolis burn lawyer. Only an experienced professional knows where to look for key evidence relating to your injuries and how to build a strong personal injury case from the evidence recovered.

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