The hips support much of the body’s weight and are essential to our ability to perform many common activities such as walking, standing, and running. We use our hips for many of the things we do, so when our hips experience pain or give out, we may find ourselves incapable of doing many of the physical activities we love.

Hip problems may occur from overuse. This happens most often with people who constantly lift heavy objects or work with heavy tools or machinery. People who fall from high places or have back or spinal problems may also experience hip pain. Arthritis is one the leading causes of hip pain, and can be a factor unrelated to old age or heredity. Arthritis of the hip can also occur from overuse.

A person may not realize that he or she has a hip injury until weeks after an accident or strain. Victims may feel pain in their backs, buttocks, hips, and pain shooting down their legs. Hip injury victims may also limp or try to support their body on one side. If a person has been involved in an auto accident or has experienced a great amount of pressure on the hips, then he or she may also have a pelvic fracture and will require immediate medical attention.

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