Indianapolis Spinal Injury Attorney

The spine and spinal cord form one of the most important parts of the central nervous system, and are responsible for relaying nerve impulses between the brain and the rest of the body. For this reason, spinal injuries are particularly devastating, often leading to permanent paralysis and disability.

At the Hankey Law Office, we work to help victims of spinal injury recover financial compensation from the party responsible for their injury. Although our Indianapolis spinal injury lawyers realize that no amount of money can ever truly replace the loss of movement and independence associated with spinal cord damage, it may, at the very least, assist with the payment of medical bills and help cover the cost of ongoing treatment and therapy.

Consequences of Spinal Injuries

Because the spinal cord is the “meeting place” for virtually all the nerve signals in the body, the effects of a spinal injury are often very serious. An “incomplete” spinal injury results in some loss of sensation and motor control below a certain point in the body, while a “complete” injury usually leads to total paralysis below that point.

In addition, victims of spinal injuries often suffer a wide range of side effects due to the nerve damage associated with spinal cord injury. Virtually every important body function, internal organ, or physical capability can be affected. As a result, while many victims may partially recover from their injury, most will need ongoing, long-term therapy and care. At the very least, victims will be forced to adapt to an entirely different lifestyle.

At the Hankey Law Office, our Indianapolis spinal cord injury lawyers help victims seek justice against those who caused their spinal injury.

Causes of Spinal Injuries

Although many factors, including neurodegenerative diseases and developmental disorders can cause spinal cord damage, serious spinal injuries are often caused by physical trauma.

The spinal cord is protected by disks of bone called vertebrae, which form the structure of the spine. When physical trauma occurs, these disks may fracture or become dislocated. In turn, the damaged or dislocated vertebrae compress, damage, and irritate the nerves inside of and attached to the spinal column. In some severe cases, the spinal cord may be entirely or partially severed.

In many situations, the trauma which causes spinal injury is a result of negligent or irresponsible behavior by another person or company. If you or your loved ones have sustained spinal injuries due to the negligence of others, the Hankey Law Office can help you. Call our Indianapolis spinal injury attorneys at (317) 634-8565 today.