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The back and back muscles control much of the body’s movement. Your back is what keeps you upright and gives you the ability to use your legs. When your back is injured, most of the functions below your chest may become weak or useless. Injuring the back can be physically debilitating and stressful to deal with.

Most back pain is a result of injury. When the back is not exercised regularly, it may go into shock when it experiences a great deal of physical stress. This shock may lead to muscle spasms and leave the victim temporarily paralyzed. Like other injuries, back pain can be either minor or severe.

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    Common Causes of Back Injuries

    Minor injuries are usually due to items such as falling awkwardly, excessive twisting, rapid twisting, sitting for long periods of time, constant working of the back, or being jerked. Worse back injuries may come from direct impacts against the back or head, vehicle accidents, falling or tumbling from an elevated platform, lacerations, carrying massive amounts of weight, and anything else that makes the back contort abnormally.

    There are different ways people can become victims of back pain. Heredity and age are usually a factor in conditions like osteoporosis and degenerative diseases. Excessive stress on the back may also cause back injury. Working conditions and accidents at work may contribute to more severe types of back injuries.

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