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Before an individual can receive any money from their insurance company following an automobile accident, they must first file an insurance claim. If this claim is approved, the insurance company will then pay the recipient the amount of funds he or she qualifies for, as designated by his or her policy.

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How Insurance Claims Work

Most often, an insurance claim is filed with one of the insurance company’s representatives. This representative investigates the claim, the causes of the accident, and the damages resulting from the accident.

After a claim is filed, an insurance company will usually send out an insurance adjuster or appraiser. This individual will come and evaluate the damage resulting from the accident and determine if the repair costs you provided in your insurance claim are reasonable.

Claiming Your Coverage

In many cases, an insurance company may not recognize or accept your insurance claim. This could be for a number of reasons. If you are behind on your premium payments, or if another company is already paying for a portion of the damages, your insurer may refuse to pay out.

The reality is that, because insurance companies operate for profit, they often strive to limit the number and amount of insurance claims that they actually pay out. In some cases, insurance companies have been known to employ unscrupulous tactics in order to keep their policyholders from making successful claims. If your insurance claim has been wrongfully denied, you will need the assistance of an experienced insurance claim lawyer who can hold your insurance company responsible for its obligations.

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