The Basics of Product Liability

A product that causes harm to those who buy or use it falls under a branch of law called product liability. When such a product is identified, a number of different groups may be liable for the damage caused by the product, including designers, manufacturers, suppliers, marketers, and retailers. Enforcing product liability when something goes wrong can help to protect consumers from potentially harmful products.

Types of Product Liability

Within product liability, there are three major types of errors that could have been made that led to the product’s failure. These errors are:

  • Design error
  • Manufacturing error
  • Marketing error, or a failure to warn the public

Under product liability law, identifying which of these three defects occurred can help to identify who is liable for the problem with the product. Companies involved in the production of goods have a responsibility to offer safe products that do not cause harm. If using a product does involve a risk of injury, the consumer usually must be made aware of this risk.

Why You May Need a Lawyer

If you have been harmed while using a product, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer. Lawyers with experience in personal injury can help you identify the type of liability that your case falls under. They can work to gather expert witnesses on the design, manufacture, or marketing of the product to provide evidence that a particular party is responsible for your injury. A good personal injury lawyer will fight vigorously to protect your interests and represent you in court to help get you the compensation that you deserve.

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