Indianapolis Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When evaluating personal injury claims involving transportation, cyclists and their interests are often given the short end of the stick. We at the Hankey Law Office, however, believe that people who choose to ride bicycles are entitled to the same rights as those in motor vehicles. Our team of Indianapolis bicycle accident lawyers works hard to protect the rights of cyclists who have been injured in accidents caused by the negligence of others.

Risk Factors in Indianapolis Cycling Accidents

Because bicycles are such light and open vehicles, cyclists are at greater risk of serious injury or death in accidents than people riding in passenger automobiles. Although some cycling injuries are minor, like cuts, scrapes, and bruises, others are more serious, including broken bones, paralysis, disability, brain/head injuries, and death.

An experienced cycling accident lawyer understands that cyclists must do without seat belts, air bags, or other protective features offered by enclosed vehicles, relying only on their helmet and elbow/knee pads to prevent injury. Unfortunately, while such protective gear may be effective in minor spills or falls, it is much less effective in a serious accident involving much larger, heavier, and faster vehicles.

Because of such factors, successfully handling an Indianapolis bicycle accident injury claim differs significantly from handling a car accident claim. In order to understand exactly what occurred, an attorney must be able to see the incident from the point of view of both the cyclist and any other drivers involved – a task which the professionals at the Hankey Law Office willingly accept.

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