Airbag Injuries

The airbag was invented to counter the staggering number of fatalities due to automobile accidents. However, these products are not perfect, and devastating accidents can occur due to defective airbags.

How it Works

An airbag deploys at the point of impact, with the intention of preventing the occupant from colliding with the interior of the vehicle. The deceleration sensor makes the balloon in the steering wheel or other compartment rapidly become inflated during the first few seconds of the accident and then later becomes deflated.

What Goes Wrong

In cases where the deceleration sensor is set too insensitive, the airbag may never deploy on a low impact crash. Of course, if the airbag is set too sensitive, deployment may occur at the slightest hit such as during a speed bump.

Airbag timing is also set to inflate to maximum capacity just as the occupant collides with it. If the timing is delayed or expedited, the occupant will collide with either the vehicle interior or the deflated airbag.


Head and neck trauma are very likely to occur during an airbag malfunction. Many reports include brain injury and skull fracture. Injuries to the abdomen and chest can occur after collision, many times resulting in rib fractures or spinal damage. Additionally, dislocation and fracture to upper and lower limbs can result from an accident.

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